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FISTICUTS is a barbershop located in the SE Division area of Portland, OR. The shop was founded by Roberto Villalobos, a California barber, who moved to Portland in 2015. The shop strives to provide the best barber experience and brings a truly unique "sabor" to the Portland hair scene.


Many clients comment on the futbol & MMA vibe when they are here (the shop was actually featured on Premier League Mornings on NBCSN). The unique blend of music alone (spanish rock, classical, jazz, big band, cumbia, VGM, soul, & more) creates an experience that clients rave about.

On any given day you will walk into hair being dropped on the floor, Mexican futbol, French disco music & a heated game of Street Fighter 2 on Sega Genesis.  

FISTICUTS is a play on word using the antiquated term "fisticuffs" and the word "cuts."  Roberto dabbled in amateur boxing & martial arts as a youth and was a working actor/comedian for a number of years so he knows how to take a punch - literally and figuratively/mentally/emotionally/financially.  Antiques are definitely revered in the shop (the barber chairs are vintage beauties) so the combination of antiques & haircut works in a Portland kind of way.


FISTICUTS gets clients from all professions & from all over the globe. Professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, brewers, mechanics, farmers, students, mothers & fathers. When clients sit in one of the vintage chairs, they feel relaxed and when they leave they know they look good!

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