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We have a parking lot in front of our shop and if you see a space available that is not directly in front of the roll up doors, please feel free to use it.  As the neighborhood grows, parking is becoming less available.  Our lot is here for your use!




The train on the tracks located south of the shop has been an issue for us since we opened.  There is no schedule and sometimes the train will stop on the tracks for up to several hours.  Here are a couple of tips in case you should get stuck.



If you are coming from the south (Ross Island Bridge), it would be best to continue EAST on Powell St.  Once you go under the tracks you can make a left on SE 21st Ave.  Once on SE 21st Ave, you can head north to Division and make a left to the shop.


If you are coming from the north (11th Ave), you can see the train moving as you travel down 11th.  If the train stops, the best alternative is to turn left and make your way through the Hosford-Abernathy neighborhood until you reach division.


If you find yourself stuck, please don't hesitate to call us and reschedule and/or ask for help.

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