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FC Barbershop Pricing Update 2019

To Our Esteemed Clients:

Beginning April 2, 2019, we will update the price of our services as outlined below. We appreciate your patronage and we sincerely hope to not inconvenience you with the price change. We have tried to price services keeping in mind what is included and what the rate is in Portland. We truly believe we are offering a 1st class experience that is worth your time & hard earned dollars.

Every haircut is custom tailored to your specifications and we only use high quality tools, implements and grooming products. We constantly invest in our shop and our skills so that we can provide the consistency you have come to appreciate. Your appearance is a valuable commodity that we work toward maximizing every time you sit in our chair. Roberto, Bill & Gabriel will have their schedules live on at all times for your convenience to book whenever and with whomever you would like.

At Fisticuts, we have created a unique, safe, old school yet modern shop where everyone feels comfortable and where you are not just another head to cut. There are many shops in Portland. We greatly appreciate you choosing ours.

Thank you. Gracias. Merci


Effective beginning April 2019

Haircut for Adults & Children$33 – custom haircut, hot towel, razor neck shave, scalp massage 45 min

Razor Fade – $33 – bald fade, skin fade, hot towel, razor neck shave, scalp massage 45 min

Buzz Cut – $21 – one clipper size all around, hot towel, razor neck shave, scalp massage 30 min

Long Hair – $35 – shoulder length hair trim, layers, shampoo included 60 min

Straight Razor Shave – $38 – hot towels, shave oil, shaving cream, facial massage, aftershave 45 min

CUT & SHAVE SPECIAL – $60 – haircut & shave – regular price $68 1 hour & 30 min

Razor Head Shave – $38 45 min

Classic Gentleman – $25 (Classic Gentlemen are ages 55+) 30 min

Beard Trim – $15 – trim using clippers and shears. NO RAZOR LINEUP 15 min

Beard Trim Razor Lineup – $20 – beard trim using clippers and shears, outlined with straight razor 30 min

Shampoo & Condition – $7 15 min

Razor Eyebrow Shaping – $7 15 min

REFRESHER – $12 – outline of ears and neck with trimmer. Nothing taken off sides. Nothing taken off top. Razor neck shave. This is an in between service offered for clients that get regular haircuts. 15 min

Active & Veteran Military, Police, Fire & EMT DISCOUNTS. Thanks for your service!!

10% off of Parent/Child booking at same time!

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